Angaray Urdu Novel written By Iqbal Kazmi Pdf Free


Angaray Urdu Novel pdf download

Author Introduction:

Iqbal Kazmi is the writer of the book Angare Novel PDF. Iqbal Kazmi is one best Urdu novelists in Pakistan. He wrote some best-selling novels. All his books were first published in the monthly Digest Karachi and later in regular book form.

The book Angaray contains the story of Kashmiri freedom fighters. They are fighting against the occupying army of India. He was killed and abducted by Indian troops. They set fire to their houses and raped women, but Kashmiris endured all this oppression. They suffered losses but did not give up the slogan of freedom.

The whole story revolves around a young man who joined the freedom fighters and fought valiantly against the Indian forces. In the Angara novel PDF, Iqbal Kazmi sheds light on the Kashmir issue. He tried to teach a lesson of hope and struggle


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Angaray Urdu Novel pdf download

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Angaray Urdu Novel pdf download

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