Abdullah Novel is written By Hashim Nadeem Pdf Download


Abdullah Urdu Novel  pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

Hashim Nadeem Abdullah is the author of the novel Abdullah PDF. The author of this book is a famous Pakistani novelist, novelist, and film producer. He wrote some super hit novels. He is also a TV drama producer and produces some high-quality serials for private TV channels in Pakistan.

The book is a novel by Abdullah Hashim Nadeem. It was published in book form before and after this episode. He later dramatized the story, which was very popular with viewers. Abdullah Novel PDF book is a romantic story. A man fell in love with a girl and faced difficulties and struggled a lot. This love turned into the love of God.

That person became a close friend of Allah and forgot the whole world and its comforts. The author of the book has an excellent command of the story. He expressed human feelings and emotions about love in his natural way. The language of the book is straightforward to understand.

Abdullah Urdu Novel  pdf free Download

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Abdullah Urdu Novel  pdf free Download

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Abdullah Urdu Novel  pdf free Download

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