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Jooray Ka Phool Urdu Book  pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

Mohi-ud-Din is the author of the Jooray ka Phool Novel PDF book. The author of the book was a prominent Pakistani Urdu writer. He wrote more than five hundred stories and novels which brought him everlasting fame

It is a romantic social story that provides readers with knowledge of the facts. This was the standard of Mohi-ud-Din Nawab's novels which contained a lot of information. Nawab spoke about science, geography, history, sociology, and religions. So, the author taught the people very well.

Mohi-ud-Din Nawab's stories are very close to the facts. He warned the people of future difficulties. He wrote deities and exposed the hidden conspiracies of Hindus and Jews. Nawab had a nightmare of American imperialism

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Jooray Ka Phool Urdu Book  pdf free Download

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Jooray Ka Phool Urdu Book  pdf free Download

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