Kakana Island Imran Series is written By Mazhar Kaleem Pdf


Kakana Island  Imran Series pdf free download

Author Introduction:

Mazhar Kaleem MA is the author of the book Kakna IsIand Imran Series PDF. This is another part of the Mazhar Kaleem Imran series which includes a mission of the Pakistan Secret Service which is full of action, suspense, and thrill. In this novel, the author describes the bravery of Ali Imran and his team, who wanted to get some missile models.

The enemy planned to destroy Pakistan and tried to upgrade some missiles that have more capacity. When Ali Imran found out about it, he thought of an idea to get the design. In this mission, he also enlisted the help of Saleha, a key member of the Pink Force. The Secret Service, meanwhile, got the job done for Saleha's bravery.

Mazhar Kaleem MA was a famous Urdu story writer and trendsetter novelist. In his long writing career, he wrote some super hit stories and many action book series. Moreover, he wrote the Imran series which made him famous all over the world.


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Kakana Island  Imran Series pdf free download

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Kakana Island  Imran Series pdf free download

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