Kanzul Ummal Urdu is written By Allauddin Ali Muttaqi Pdf


Kanzul Ummal Urdu Novel  pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

Console Amal Urdu PDF is a collection of Hadith of Rasool Akram Islam. This is the Urdu version of the Arabic book Kanzul Amal Fi Al-Akal Wal Wal Afzal which is the book of Imam Alauddin Ali Muttaqi. He was a famous scholar of Islam. He compiled many books but gained fame from this book.

Allama Muttaqi received the most hadith from Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti's book Al-Jami 'Al-Kabeer. He examined it and included it in the book. This book has been translated into many other languages of the world.

Kanzul Ummal Urdu Novel  pdf free Download

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Kanzul Ummal Urdu Novel  pdf free Download

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Kanzul Ummal Urdu Novel  pdf free Download

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