Khak e Hijaz Ke Nigehban is written By Salahuddin Mehmood Pdf free


Khak e Hijaz Ke Nigehban Urdu Book pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

Salahuddin Mahmood is the writer of this book which contains the Najiban PDF of Khak-e-Hijaz. The book is about the construction of Gunabad e Khazra. The Ottoman rulers did this with great love. He collected material and artists from all over the world. The Turks carefully managed the entire project and deliberately completed it. They took care of the historical sites and kept them in their original condition.

Salahuddin Mahmood was a well-known researcher, biographer, journalist, and author. Throughout his career, he authored several excellent books on history, biography, and Islam. Meanwhile, Salahuddin Mahmood chose interesting topics and provided useful information in his publications. is a leading website in Pakistan. We are going to share with you the best novels in Urdu. We have compiled a list of these famous Urdu novels after a lot of searching and thinking about the novels. Here is a list of popular novels in Urdu for free reading online.


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Khak e Hijaz Ke Nigehban Urdu Book pdf free Download

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Khak e Hijaz Ke Nigehban Urdu Book pdf free Download

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