Khauf e Khuda Novel is written By Mohiuddin Nawab Pdf


Khauf e Khuda Novel pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

Mohi-ud-Din Nawab is the author of the book Khauf e Khuda Novel Pdf. Khauf Khuda is a social, romantic novel. The author of the book is considered a remarkable author of Urdu story. He authored hundreds of storybooks, most popular with readers. Most of his work consists of stories and novels.

Earlier, the book  Khauf e Khuda Novel PDF was published in the monthly Suspense Digest Karachi. It later became a book. The author discusses various social and moral issues in the story and explains the problems of the people.

Mohi-ud-Din Nawab was also a painting artist and belonged to an educated family. He has extensive knowledge of history, science, geography, religions, anthropology, and economics. Mohi-ud-Din Nawab was well versed in human psychology and had a good command of many languages ​​like English, Persian, Arabic, Sanskrit, and Bengali.


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Khauf e Khuda Novel pdf free Download

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Khauf e Khuda Novel pdf free Download

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