Peer e Kamil Novel has written By Umera Ahmad Pdf Download

 Peer e Kamil Novel has written By Umera Ahmad Pdf Download


Peer e Kamil Novel pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

The book Pir E Kamil PDF is a novel by Umairah Ahmed. The author of this book is one of the top story writers in Urdu. She writes some of the best-selling books. One of them is the perfect novel.

This novel brought Umairah Ahmed to the forefront of her career and made her a public figure. Umrah Ahmed wrote the sequel of this novel titled Aab E Hayat. I think every Muslim and reader of Urdu books should read these stories in their life.

Umrah Ahmed is best known for her novels on Islamic education. Pierre's perfect novel is about love for the Prophet. The author named Pir Kamil after the Prophet of Islam.

About the story of the book  Peer e Kamil Novel:

The plot of Pierre-e-Kamil PDF's story has a real love for Allah and His Holy Prophet (PBUH). The life of an Ahmadi girl, Imam Hashim, changed when she met Shabiha in the name of teachers. Imam Hashim secretly converted to Islam. She is afraid of accepting her family's conversion.

The Imam's family knew of his conversion and kept him locked up at home. In this predicament, the Imamate approached a boy named Salar Sikandar. He asked to meet Dr. Jalal Ansar. Imam fell in love with Jalal Ansar. She wanted to marry him. Ansar gave him false information about Jalal Ansar's marriage to another girl.

The Imamate now agreed to marry Salar. After the wedding, he saw Salar's real and cruel face. The Imam left home and was sheltered by an elderly family. After a while, Salar Sikandar thought that Imam was a good girl, and he did not respect her. Salar met the Imam and apologized.

The Imam forgave him for his evil deeds. They both lived happily ever after. In it, Salar imagines himself standing in front of the Kaaba. He felt that the Imam was a blessing from Allah for him. That was when he found the secret of the perfect Monday.

This was the climax of the story when Aashiq became a true Muslim. The book Pierre e Kamil is also a super hit Naat in PDF. This Naat changed the life of Imam Hashim. She often listens to this Naat and is inspired by its poetry.


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Peer e Kamil Novel pdf free Download

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Peer e Kamil Novel pdf free Download

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