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Seerat Un Nabi Urdu novel pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

The book Seerat Un Nabi complete book about the life history, events, wars, virtues, and prayers of the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him). There are many books available on the subject of the life of the Holy Prophet. But this book is the history of Islam and the Holy Prophet. Is an excellent book about

The authors of the book are two well-known Urdu writers and historians in the Indian subcontinent. Both were trusted, historians. Meanwhile, Allama Shibli Al-Ghazali was the author of  Seerat Un Nabi and others. Syed Sulaiman Nadvi was famous for his sermons Mad Madras, and Yadav e Raftagan.

Allama Shibli Nomani started writing the book Sira In Nabi, but he passed away due to incomplete reasons. After his death, his student Syed Sulaiman Nadvi completed the remaining two parts of the book. This book of Sira has been studied for the last century and is very popular among the people. The author cites references to this book, and it is considered an authoritative book on the subject.


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Seerat Un Nabi Urdu novel pdf free Download

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Seerat Un Nabi Urdu novel pdf free Download

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