Super Mission Imran Series is written By Mazhar Kaleem Pdf free


Super Mission Imran Series pdf free download

Author Introduction:

Mazhar Kaleem is the author of the MA book Super Mission Imran series PDF. It explains the mission of Ali Imran and his team, which is full of action, suspense, and thrill. The book Mazhar Kaleem Imran is a part of the series which has hundreds of volumes. In this story, the author describes the conspiracy of the enemies of Pakistan.

He hired Gang Black Thunder to get the formula from a Pakistani scientist. The group succeeded in their goal, and they kidnapped the scientist. Upon receiving the report, Ali Imran thought of a plan of action. He secured Ahsan Baig's release and recovered an explosive device from his laboratory.

Mazhar Kaleem MA was a trendsetter story writer and Urdu legend novelist. In his long professional career, he authored dozens of books and action stories. What's more, he introduced many new trends, characters, and inventions in the Imran series.


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Super Mission Imran Series pdf free download

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Super Mission Imran Series pdf free download

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