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Umrao Jaan Ada Novel pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

The book Umro Jaan Ada Novel PDF is a novel by Mirza Muhammad Hadi Raswa. The author of the book was a leading novelist in United India. He is best known for his excellent writing by Amr Rao Jan Ada. The book is Urdu's Best first novel in the Urdu language. It tells the story of a dancing girl who lived in Lucknow, a famous city in India.

The author told his story that he met Umra Jan Ada at a function and insisted on knowing about him. The dancing girl told her story of how she got into the profession after being kidnapped by a bandit. The robbers sold her at the Lucknow Dance Girl's Bazaar. Upon completion of her training and education, she became a dancing girl. Everyone loves it and looks forward to exploiting it.

There are many facts in the plot of the book Amr Jan Ada Novel PDF. The author exposes the hypocritical society in the role of a call girl. The girl wanted a better life, but no one was willing to accept it. Everyone wants to enjoy it, try to exploit it, take it for a night out, but no one is willing to give it their life with dignity.

This novel gave us a picture of the city of Lucknow in the nineteenth century. At the end of the novel, readers learn about rulers, courts, characters, places, cultures, and festivals.


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Umrao Jaan Ada Novel pdf free Download

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Umrao Jaan Ada Novel pdf free Download

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