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Well Done Imran Series pdf free download

Author Introduction:

Mazhar Kaleem is the author of the MA book Val Don Imran series PDF. It is a suspense, adventure, action, and thriller story which is a part of the Mazhar Kaleem Imran series. In this novel Well Don, the author describes the mission of Ali Imran and his team. They wanted to get the necessary file back from a mafia.

The enemies hired a group of criminals to obtain a file that was important for the future of Pakistan. Central Intelligence failed to get the data, although they tried to do it emotionally. Ali Imran and Tiger met the enemy, but they fled after a bloody battle. In the end, Ali Imran managed to get the data and arrest the agents. 

Mazhar Kaleem MA was a trendsetter story writer and a prominent Urdu novelist. In his five-decade writing career, he wrote hundreds of stories and action novels. Moreover, he gained fame for the Imran series which has dozens of episodes.


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Well Done Imran Series pdf free download

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Well Done Imran Series pdf free download

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