Aatish Fishan, suspense Novel Complete is written By Iqbal Kazmi Pdf Download

 Aatish Fishan, suspense  Novel Complete is written By Iqbal Kazmi Pdf Download


Aatish Fishan suspense, and romance Novel pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

Iqbal Kazmi is the writer of the book Atish Fashan Novel PDF. It is a great novel and has been published in the Juicy Digest for many years. The author of the story, Atish Fashan, is a notable story writer who has written some highly read books. The volcanic novel has been named his masterpiece. Volcanoes have been praised by readers of Urdu books all over the world.

This is the story of a young fashionista named Vijdan Ali who went to war with his enemies from his childhood. This happened after the murder of his family. Wajdan loved his parents and wanted revenge for the murder of his innocent father and mother. For many years, he fought against his enemies and showed dishonesty in this regard. 

Wajdan adopted a hit-and-run policy and implemented it bravely. He fell in love with a girl. He took the girl with him during the struggle. This girl fully supported him throughout the war. He encouraged her through hard work and taught her a lesson in bravery.

During the war against the mafia, the conscience traveled around the world. He has found many people who sympathize with him. They supported him in his mission. Conscience also did some jobs for them. He was disturbed by some evil forces at any time, but he soon got rid of them.

In the end, the conscience killed all its enemies and lived a healthy life. During this war, he found many things and lost many things. The story is full of thrill, action, suspense, and romance.


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Aatish Fishan Novel pdf free Download

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Aatish Fishan Novel pdf free Download

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