Bay Rang Piya Novel is written By Amjad Javed Pdf Download


Bay Rang Piya, romantic Novel pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

Amjad Javed is the author of the book Colorless Drink Novel PDF. It's a great social and romantic story that tells the couple's love. He gave up all the comforts of life and turned his attention to Allah Almighty. The author gave the story a touch of mysticism.

He said that Allah never rejects the requests of His loved ones. He taught a lesson of hope and patience which only Allah accepts. The story was well-received by readers and was a new trend for later writers.

Amjad Javed is a prominent Urdu writer and a top novelist. He authored some books, including several super hit novels. He used symbolism and realism in his stories which made him more useful.


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Bay Rang Piya, romantic Novel pdf free Download

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Bay Rang Piya, romantic Novel pdf free Download

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