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Musafir, romantic Novel pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

Nasir Malik is the author of the book Musafar Novel PDF. It's a great social, romantic, tragic, and action story that appeared in Digest and was a super hit. The author tells of a man who witnessed and confronted the murder of his parents. He was an eyewitness to the barbarity of his enemies which provoked him to take revenge.

He accepted the challenge and after some preparation chased his enemies. Shehryar was helped by some people who felt sympathy for him. Shahriar was mentored by a doctor who had a bright career and a courageous attitude.

Nasir Malik is a versatile story writer and top Urdu novelist. He authored dozens of books and novels, which he published in the first issue and expanded his fan base. He tried to educate people with his pen.


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Musafir, romantic Novel pdf free Download

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Musafir, romantic Novel pdf free Download

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