Barg e Khazan Novel is written By Dr. Abdul Rab Bhatti Pdf


Barg e Khazan Urdu Novel pdf free Download

Author Introduction:

Abdul Rabb Bhatti is the author of the book Berg e Khazan Novel PDF. This book is the story of a family trapped in a feudal lord. They belonged to the Cholistan, one of the largest deserts in the world. One couple decided to speak out against the tyranny of feudalism. After a long struggle, they get rid of this corrupt system.

Abdul Rabb Bhatti is a well-known novelist and storyteller. He wrote a lot for the monthly digest. Abdul Rabb Bhatti wrote many favorite stories and novels, which made him one of the prominent Urdu writers.

Abdul Rabb Bhatti is a well-known storyteller and novelist. In his illustrious career, he wrote some great stories for the Urdu monthly digest. These stories are now published in book form.

Barg e Khazan Urdu Novel pdf free Download


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Barg e Khazan Urdu Novel pdf free Download

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Barg e Khazan Urdu Novel pdf free Download


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